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I'm going to post about the Chinese New Year (:

Friday, one day before New Year Eve
It was a Friday and I went to school as usual. We, the SH1 watched the singing competition at the LT5 while the rest watched the concert in the hall. I love the songs they sang, like 匿名的朋友 and some other chinese songs. After that we went to Zhonghua Secondary to visit our juniors, friends, teachers and etc. It was my second time watching ZHSS CNY concert because I was always the one performing since secondary 2. And it was kind of boring except the dance of course (: Therefore marilyn and I left the hall and went to our old classroom and took photos. (Yeah, I know it's lame) After that we went to canteen, bought the soya bean milk and gossip/chat. Well, it's really fun and I really miss the time when we all gossip like 三姑六婆. Haha. But it was a pity that Jing lin and yuyan didn't come, i miss them a lot too. >.<  

We then went to the office to find some teachers such as Miss Tan GH. And Wow, she still remember my face (but not my name of course,=.=") Then she said to Marilyn," please pardon my ignorant, may I think which school you are from." Or something similar cos I can't remember. And marilyn was mad. Haha. Then saw Miss Teo, but she seemed more interested in Wendy who goes to VJC, so Marilyn and I just left silently. (LOL)

We waited for bernice at the school library! Then when Bernice reached ZHSS, we went down to"welcome" her. haha. Chitchat a bit and went to the opposite to eat( ** the fried rice there taste bad). We then went into the school AGAIN. Everyone was leaving, but we just walked around the school. And we ended up going to the Indoor Sports hall since the two of them never go there before. Marilyn did some silly stuff which made us laugh till our sides hurt. Haha.

After that, we went to Hougang mall (??). We walked around, talked crap and did some silly actions. It was definitely fun, okay. Really miss them a lot!! Hope they won't forget about me. LOL.

New Year Eve
Eat steamboat with my parents!! After that i watched the China CNY eve concert. I love Liu Qian! He is really amazing magician!!

First day of CNY
My father's childhood friend came to our house. His son is China scholar and is studying in Hwa Chong Institution. And guess what, he doesn't eat seafood and vegetable. He only eats meat, potato and egg etc. I was like o.O. Haha. At night, we went to the 春到河畔 and there were a lot of people. Took a lot of photos of the lanterns. Yah, and I guess nothing much happened that day.

Second day of CNY
Oh, we went to watch the 72 tenants of prosperity. I love this movie!!! I love TVB and of course the actors and actress!! The only bad thing about the movie is that it is in mandarin instead of cantonese. Nevertheless, I still love this movie very much. It is funny and interesting, and the actors are great. I was really busy looking for the actors and actress i like. For example, Charmaine, kelvin cheng, bosco, ron and all those people. (:

Haha! i love my dress!!! I bought it at the Vivo!! Oh, and love my heels too, even though my feet hurt. (if i'm not wrong, it's 3.5 inches?) 

Third day of CNY
We went to the temple which is at the Bugis. After that, walked around OG and bought two pants for my dad. My father then drove us to 花柏山 because we were bored. The funniest thing was that my mum kept on saying 花果山which is the place that the 孙悟空live in. Haha, so funny right.

And yesterday we went to VIVO again!!! I bought another beautiful dress!! I love dress nowadays! Haha!


Yah! I know you are very smart! (: