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Jan. 27th, 2010


I am posted to NJC.
I am neither feeling happy or sad.
Only a few people going there. :(
But yet it's a good school (:
School starts tomorrow!!
7.30am meet Sze neng at the gate.
Bring lots and lots of money for orientation, uniform and pe attire.
I still remember when i first entered ZHSS, everything seemed not right.
Everything depend on students themselves.
For example, taking the pledge (during primary school the teachers were in charge of that),  organising sec 1 camps and etc.
No spoonfeed or anything.
And now we even need to buy the uniform by ourselves! haha (even though I bought before in secondary school) 
Wow, we are really growing up! Hahaha.
Not babies anymore. (:
I really need to learn to be independent (:
Jia You! (: 

Jan. 26th, 2010

(no subject)

School is going to reopen in two days time!!!
And tomorrow morning, we will know the JC/poly we are going to be posted to.
I will miss my friends a lot!!
Everyone is going to different schools :(

Oh, and i made this using a software. Very nice right??
I love it a lot.
Hope Amira like it too, haha.
You can compare it with the BEFORE one (just scroll down) lol
Cheers! (:

Jan. 23rd, 2010

Shopping with Besties

I just want to update about the shopping trip with my bff (:
Some interesting things about the trip.

1. Amira was late AGAIN. (Even though i woke her up at 11.30am through phone callS)
2. Took 22 from AMK interchange to Tampines interchange.
3. Camwhore. (we are very Zi Lian)
4. Reached Tampines 1 and bought the big buns.
5. $3.90 for 6 huge, juicy(?) buns + dessert. (Warning: Service not very good especially when I asked her whether I could change the dessert to drink)
6. Window shopping (:
7. Went into Cotton On and I could not bear the irritating smell of the shoes.
8. Went into Mango and camwhore again because there are lots of mirror! we even smile to strangers! hahahaha.
9. We decided to go to Tampines Mall.
10. We walked into ToysRus and played the children's toys!
11. Then ran into the arcade and PLAY!
12. Played the basketball game and motorcycle. (It was quite embarrassing when we played the motorcycle game because we don't even know how to play and we couldn't start the motorcycle)
13. Went home via MRT. Camwhore AGAIN and we kept laughing when changing MRT.
14. Reached home at 6.30pm.


I'm fat and ugly ):

Not my fingers. haha.

Favourite photo!

Jan. 16th, 2010


I just realise that I'm posting short posts recently (:
Okay, went to a few Jc's open house on wednesday.
First, went to AJC with Jing lin, Yuyan, Bernice and Sze Neng.
We saw quite a number of Zhonghuarians there.
But I think this year lesser Zhonghuarians going AJC.
The facilities in AJC are quite old, but the people there were VERY friendly. (:

Then went to HCI.
I really love the school. Haha.
But I can't get in since my teachers said that this year only people with 2 points can get in.
And I heard that only students with 10 subjects can get in ):

I just <3 the school. >.<

Then Sze Neng and I went to NJC.

A bit greyish but I'm lazy to edit using my phone.

Yeah. So I put NJC as 1st choice, followed by AJC and NYJC...

But no one is going to NJC except Sze Neng and Wah Lim (?)
Everyone is going to other schools.
Jess and Xiao yang going VJC, Ruo Fan going HCI, zhi min(?), yuyan and marilyn going TJC, Jinglin going NYJC.
All my primary school friends also going other JC, poly... ARGHH!!!! WHY NO ONE LIKE NJC!!! lol.
But Xiao Yang told me some of the China Scholar going there too. Hmmm....

Jan. 15th, 2010


Why no one wants to come to NJC???

Jan. 12th, 2010

(no subject)


(no subject)


Jan. 11th, 2010

(no subject)

Satisfied with my result (:
A bit shock and can't believe it (:
Perhaps can do a bit better especally my science. (:
Congra to those who had done well (: (especially JESS)

(no subject)

Super Nervous.

Jan. 8th, 2010

I miss twins!

I miss twins!

Twins received my card!! My card was also featured on the cover page! It's the one at the right hand-side (the light yellow de)

Ah Sa is so CUTE

Twins kissing (: So sweet

Ah Sa and Joey both said that Twins is going to 复出or whatever you call it this year!!

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