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I think I really can't adapt to the school after all. >.<
No, maybe it's just that I can't find good friends in my class NOW. >.<
Miss my primary school and secondary school friends. I miss Yong Ru too :(
It just seems like  no one in my class has similar personality as me.
And I admit I'm VERY shy and don't really dare to speak to people who I'm not very familiar with.
And now, I feel soooooo lonely sometimes.
I can't imagine how I can survive in these 2 years.
Well, I don't like feeling lonely. In fact I hate that feeling. I just want to TALK/GOSSIP and etc.
Perhaps, I should just focus more on studies and just forget about all these stupid feeling. But I can't.
I really hope that these 2 years can pass very quickly cos I'm really looking forward to university and of course the working world. I want to earn lots of $$$. Heehee!!

By the Way, Chinese Dance seniors are SUPER friendly. Haha.

Oh, and I saw Chen Rong (actually he saw me first) on the bus on Monday. Well, was shocked that he came over to talk to me (: Bring back lots of my primary school memories. =D Hope that there will be a 6B gathering one day (Even though I'm more looking forward for a 6B (my)friends  gathering).

I'm getting super random these few days. Having mood swings and feeling super down/sad/unhappy/depressed. Someone should cheer me up!!! (hint*hint*)