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I love my OG! They are really a batch of nice people! Even though I'm not familiar with all of them and seldom talk to them due to my shyness, they are really amiable! Really love them!

Today we had physic, math, econ and gp lectures. General paper lecture was about grammar. It was to prepare us for tomorrow's diagnostic(?) test. But I don't even know what we will be tested on. Probably not essay since we haven't even started learning how to write argumentative essay. Hmm, maybe it will be some grammar plus vocabulary test? I will surely die if they are testing vocabulary. *sob*

Oh, and I am TRYING to write in "perfect" English NOT. Maybe I should write some argumentative essay here? LOL. Since no one is reading it besides myslef. *sob*

The rest were okay. At least I can understand physic and math. But they are definitely more challenging and harder to understand than the secondary school math and physic. nd I think the content is weird too. haha. Economic is boring. Sorry to those who like it. Yong ru even fall asleep during the lecture. haha. Hope that i'll like it after more lectures. But tomorrow there is 2h 30min of free period between two lectures, and the last lecture is economic which ends at 3pm. I think I'll fall asleep during the lecture. Haha.

Oh, and chatting with marilyn Quay that black stick on msn is fun. She entertained me last Saturday night by cursing and scolding someone whom she hates in school. I think she probably regret for not coming to NJC because NJC really rocks! Haha.

Okay, I think I will surf the net for a bit more time and I will proceed to study my GP test and read the boring economic notes. BYE! (To the air)

P.S. I want to upload a photo that I've taken with Yong Ru but I guess I'm really fat and ugly, just like a pig. Yeah, so I won't upload it.

P.P.S. I will surely upload the photos taken with my OG when I recieve it later because I look "normal" inside. Hahahahahahahaha


Hahaha crazy me -.-
haha. At least u know u are crazy.