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Lessons started already!!
Lecture lecture lecture lecture =.="

I can't understand economic at ALL >.<  Therefore, after the lesson, I went back home and re-learn it by myself. I went online and search for the part that I'm not sure about and finally, I am able to understand it. I wonder whether I should re-consider to be an accountant or not. haha. Of course I can't give up my dream!

Chemistry lecture yesterday. I was sitted at the last row and I can't see very clearly. The tutor talked very fast and I can't catch up everything at all. I feel like a stupid person >.< After the lecture we went to library to study chemistry and do the homework.

There was a dance practice at 3pm and I was LATE! The dance studio has air-con!!! After suffering 4 years in the humid dance room in zhs, I finally can enjoy the air-condition! Xiao Yang and i signed up for Chinese Dance already! Even though it might be tiring and need to sacrifice a lot of my precious time, i think it's worth it! (:
By the way, the orientation is quite fun (: But the photos taken was >.< haha. I'm ugly pig! Whatever @.@ It is more important for me to ace in my studies and CCA. I shall not take photos ever again in my whole life! Maybe I will take photos only when I think i look normal. LOL!

Guess who thee 2 ppl are.