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First two day of school is quite okay.
I think I can adapt to the new environment faster than I thought.
Sze neng and I are not in the same OG. >.<
At least I know some new friends (:
Like Josephine, Yong ru they all. Haha.
And they choose the same subject combination as me, so i think the chances of us getting into the same class is quite big.
And Sze neng is also choosing the same subject combination as me! hooray!!
I hope lesson can start soon.
I'm really scared that I can't catch up. LOL.

And I really hate to tuck in the uniform, it is uncomfortable.
But I like Njc's pe shirt because it looks like 4E4's class tee! YEAH!
I think the CCA in JC all end very late and I hate it >.<
I want to go home early because I <3 my house. LOL, it sounds weird.
Nevertheless, I need to mug real hard and get into the university and course I want.

By the way, I've decide which university and course I want to get in le.
It will be Accountancy in Nanyang Business School (which is in NTU).
I want to take double degree in accountancy and business!
It only takes 3.5 to 4 years and the school works with the 4 largest business/finance company in Singapore!
I've heard that they have strong alumni and thus I will be able to secure a job immediately after I graduate.
Yeah! I'm so excited about this!
I have an aim and thus I want to do very well in my A level next year!
Jia you!