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My passion for dance suddenly fade away on Wednesday.
I don't have that mood and feeling.
Having moodswings. Haiz...
Well, perhaps it's because I was worried about my physical fitness test. I scared that the muscle aches from dance will pull my result down.
And I can't catch the music cos I just can't concentrate. Sian.
But I think I'll feeling better now since PFT is partially over!!
5 stations on Thursday and gotten all A except a B for standing broad jump! YEAH!
Oh, and thanks Xiong Hao for lending me her shoe, if not I'll probably fail my jump!

Love my class and NJC.


Cheer up girl!!!
The passion for dance will come back one!! Think of the handsome wang lao shi!! haha and me!!! LOL
kkay lah, enough of my craps ><
jiayou for your PFT and danceeee!! :)

i miss you lah! >: