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Apr. 2nd, 2010

(no subject)

My passion for dance suddenly fade away on Wednesday.
I don't have that mood and feeling.
Having moodswings. Haiz...
Well, perhaps it's because I was worried about my physical fitness test. I scared that the muscle aches from dance will pull my result down.
And I can't catch the music cos I just can't concentrate. Sian.
But I think I'll feeling better now since PFT is partially over!!
5 stations on Thursday and gotten all A except a B for standing broad jump! YEAH!
Oh, and thanks Xiong Hao for lending me her shoe, if not I'll probably fail my jump!

Love my class and NJC.

Mar. 25th, 2010

(no subject)

Too lazy and busy to blog:
  • I hate PW, GP and running. LOL.
  • Love Chinese Dance and all the dancers! (and Wang lao shi[haha])
  • Trying to understand all the things that were (will be) taught in lectures since I always fall asleep during Phy/chem lectures.
  • I want to watch my Charlene's movie! It will be out soon! And I want to buy her mandarin album that will be releasing in June or something.
  • Love listening to Xiao Gui' songs! :D
  • Going back to collect O level cert and testimonial next week.
  • Lecture Tests!!!
  • Physical fitness test next week!

Mar. 6th, 2010

(no subject)

A date with Amira on thurday after that stupid PE. LOL
Met Amira at the AMK hub and we walked around aimlessly. But it was definitely fun because we had lots to say to each other and best friends won't feel bored when they are together (: We saw TCR again =.=" But Amira said that he couldn't recognise her. ): Then we decided to go to McDonald to eat something since Amira woke up at 2pm and only drank some milk tea or something. We bought a set of Mcwings and it is delicious!!! We chitchat a bit and went to AMK hub again.

However, something unexpected happened and I don't think I will elaborate any further. But it was really fun playing "hide-and-seek"  but at the same time quite embarrassing at the end lar.

To conclude, it was a fun outing with my bestie!! Yeah! Even though we only met up for 2 hours but it was definitely enjoyable.
Steal it from Amira's blog!

Another one!
<3 you!!

Mar. 3rd, 2010

(no subject)

Actually my class is not that bad after all. No very close friends but yet everyone can get along well too. (:
I think I have finally adapted to my class. YEAH!

Oh, and I think I'm confirm will fail my physic quiz cos I was so nervous that I cant even read the question properly. SOme more the teacher kept standing in front of me, made me felt more nervous than ever. But anyway, I will always fail my first test for certain subject. For example I get 30+ over 100 for combine humanities when I was in secondary 3 and during O level I got A1!!

No worries, be happy! Cheers.

Oh, and to Amira if she happens to read this. Cheer up okay!! I will always be there for you (:

Feb. 27th, 2010

(no subject)

I think I really can't adapt to the school after all. >.<
No, maybe it's just that I can't find good friends in my class NOW. >.<
Miss my primary school and secondary school friends. I miss Yong Ru too :(
It just seems like  no one in my class has similar personality as me.
And I admit I'm VERY shy and don't really dare to speak to people who I'm not very familiar with.
And now, I feel soooooo lonely sometimes.
I can't imagine how I can survive in these 2 years.
Well, I don't like feeling lonely. In fact I hate that feeling. I just want to TALK/GOSSIP and etc.
Perhaps, I should just focus more on studies and just forget about all these stupid feeling. But I can't.
I really hope that these 2 years can pass very quickly cos I'm really looking forward to university and of course the working world. I want to earn lots of $$$. Heehee!!

By the Way, Chinese Dance seniors are SUPER friendly. Haha.

Oh, and I saw Chen Rong (actually he saw me first) on the bus on Monday. Well, was shocked that he came over to talk to me (: Bring back lots of my primary school memories. =D Hope that there will be a 6B gathering one day (Even though I'm more looking forward for a 6B (my)friends  gathering).

I'm getting super random these few days. Having mood swings and feeling super down/sad/unhappy/depressed. Someone should cheer me up!!! (hint*hint*)

Feb. 21st, 2010


I'm going to post about the Chinese New Year (:

Friday, one day before New Year Eve
It was a Friday and I went to school as usual. We, the SH1 watched the singing competition at the LT5 while the rest watched the concert in the hall. I love the songs they sang, like 匿名的朋友 and some other chinese songs. After that we went to Zhonghua Secondary to visit our juniors, friends, teachers and etc. It was my second time watching ZHSS CNY concert because I was always the one performing since secondary 2. And it was kind of boring except the dance of course (: Therefore marilyn and I left the hall and went to our old classroom and took photos. (Yeah, I know it's lame) After that we went to canteen, bought the soya bean milk and gossip/chat. Well, it's really fun and I really miss the time when we all gossip like 三姑六婆. Haha. But it was a pity that Jing lin and yuyan didn't come, i miss them a lot too. >.<  

We then went to the office to find some teachers such as Miss Tan GH. And Wow, she still remember my face (but not my name of course,=.=") Then she said to Marilyn," please pardon my ignorant, may I think which school you are from." Or something similar cos I can't remember. And marilyn was mad. Haha. Then saw Miss Teo, but she seemed more interested in Wendy who goes to VJC, so Marilyn and I just left silently. (LOL)

We waited for bernice at the school library! Then when Bernice reached ZHSS, we went down to"welcome" her. haha. Chitchat a bit and went to the opposite to eat( ** the fried rice there taste bad). We then went into the school AGAIN. Everyone was leaving, but we just walked around the school. And we ended up going to the Indoor Sports hall since the two of them never go there before. Marilyn did some silly stuff which made us laugh till our sides hurt. Haha.

After that, we went to Hougang mall (??). We walked around, talked crap and did some silly actions. It was definitely fun, okay. Really miss them a lot!! Hope they won't forget about me. LOL.

New Year Eve
Eat steamboat with my parents!! After that i watched the China CNY eve concert. I love Liu Qian! He is really amazing magician!!

First day of CNY
My father's childhood friend came to our house. His son is China scholar and is studying in Hwa Chong Institution. And guess what, he doesn't eat seafood and vegetable. He only eats meat, potato and egg etc. I was like o.O. Haha. At night, we went to the 春到河畔 and there were a lot of people. Took a lot of photos of the lanterns. Yah, and I guess nothing much happened that day.

Second day of CNY
Oh, we went to watch the 72 tenants of prosperity. I love this movie!!! I love TVB and of course the actors and actress!! The only bad thing about the movie is that it is in mandarin instead of cantonese. Nevertheless, I still love this movie very much. It is funny and interesting, and the actors are great. I was really busy looking for the actors and actress i like. For example, Charmaine, kelvin cheng, bosco, ron and all those people. (:

Haha! i love my dress!!! I bought it at the Vivo!! Oh, and love my heels too, even though my feet hurt. (if i'm not wrong, it's 3.5 inches?) 

Third day of CNY
We went to the temple which is at the Bugis. After that, walked around OG and bought two pants for my dad. My father then drove us to 花柏山 because we were bored. The funniest thing was that my mum kept on saying 花果山which is the place that the 孙悟空live in. Haha, so funny right.

And yesterday we went to VIVO again!!! I bought another beautiful dress!! I love dress nowadays! Haha!

Feb. 14th, 2010



He is AMAZING!! The Best Magician!!! YEAH!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and Valentine's Day

Feb. 8th, 2010

(no subject)

I love my OG! They are really a batch of nice people! Even though I'm not familiar with all of them and seldom talk to them due to my shyness, they are really amiable! Really love them!

Today we had physic, math, econ and gp lectures. General paper lecture was about grammar. It was to prepare us for tomorrow's diagnostic(?) test. But I don't even know what we will be tested on. Probably not essay since we haven't even started learning how to write argumentative essay. Hmm, maybe it will be some grammar plus vocabulary test? I will surely die if they are testing vocabulary. *sob*

Oh, and I am TRYING to write in "perfect" English NOT. Maybe I should write some argumentative essay here? LOL. Since no one is reading it besides myslef. *sob*

The rest were okay. At least I can understand physic and math. But they are definitely more challenging and harder to understand than the secondary school math and physic. nd I think the content is weird too. haha. Economic is boring. Sorry to those who like it. Yong ru even fall asleep during the lecture. haha. Hope that i'll like it after more lectures. But tomorrow there is 2h 30min of free period between two lectures, and the last lecture is economic which ends at 3pm. I think I'll fall asleep during the lecture. Haha.

Oh, and chatting with marilyn Quay that black stick on msn is fun. She entertained me last Saturday night by cursing and scolding someone whom she hates in school. I think she probably regret for not coming to NJC because NJC really rocks! Haha.

Okay, I think I will surf the net for a bit more time and I will proceed to study my GP test and read the boring economic notes. BYE! (To the air)

P.S. I want to upload a photo that I've taken with Yong Ru but I guess I'm really fat and ugly, just like a pig. Yeah, so I won't upload it.

P.P.S. I will surely upload the photos taken with my OG when I recieve it later because I look "normal" inside. Hahahahahahahaha

Feb. 6th, 2010

(no subject)

Lessons started already!!
Lecture lecture lecture lecture =.="

I can't understand economic at ALL >.<  Therefore, after the lesson, I went back home and re-learn it by myself. I went online and search for the part that I'm not sure about and finally, I am able to understand it. I wonder whether I should re-consider to be an accountant or not. haha. Of course I can't give up my dream!

Chemistry lecture yesterday. I was sitted at the last row and I can't see very clearly. The tutor talked very fast and I can't catch up everything at all. I feel like a stupid person >.< After the lecture we went to library to study chemistry and do the homework.

There was a dance practice at 3pm and I was LATE! The dance studio has air-con!!! After suffering 4 years in the humid dance room in zhs, I finally can enjoy the air-condition! Xiao Yang and i signed up for Chinese Dance already! Even though it might be tiring and need to sacrifice a lot of my precious time, i think it's worth it! (:
By the way, the orientation is quite fun (: But the photos taken was >.< haha. I'm ugly pig! Whatever @.@ It is more important for me to ace in my studies and CCA. I shall not take photos ever again in my whole life! Maybe I will take photos only when I think i look normal. LOL!

Guess who thee 2 ppl are.

Jan. 31st, 2010

(no subject)

First two day of school is quite okay.
I think I can adapt to the new environment faster than I thought.
Sze neng and I are not in the same OG. >.<
At least I know some new friends (:
Like Josephine, Yong ru they all. Haha.
And they choose the same subject combination as me, so i think the chances of us getting into the same class is quite big.
And Sze neng is also choosing the same subject combination as me! hooray!!
I hope lesson can start soon.
I'm really scared that I can't catch up. LOL.

And I really hate to tuck in the uniform, it is uncomfortable.
But I like Njc's pe shirt because it looks like 4E4's class tee! YEAH!
I think the CCA in JC all end very late and I hate it >.<
I want to go home early because I <3 my house. LOL, it sounds weird.
Nevertheless, I need to mug real hard and get into the university and course I want.

By the way, I've decide which university and course I want to get in le.
It will be Accountancy in Nanyang Business School (which is in NTU).
I want to take double degree in accountancy and business!
It only takes 3.5 to 4 years and the school works with the 4 largest business/finance company in Singapore!
I've heard that they have strong alumni and thus I will be able to secure a job immediately after I graduate.
Yeah! I'm so excited about this!
I have an aim and thus I want to do very well in my A level next year!
Jia you!

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